About NextGen to Go

Connecting Kids to God and Others

What drives all of us here at Saddleback Kids is a unified mission to connect kids to God and others. We are passionate about bringing the love of Christ to children and helping them understand that God loves them and wants a genuine relationship with them.

Why We Use Curriculum Lessons

The Saddleback Kids ministry has been in service for 38 years. We began developing organized curriculum packages as a way of unifying the message of each lesson across multiple campuses. What we discovered, was just how much the kids enjoyed the material and how powerful the tools were in supporting our leaders. We focus on Bible-based lessons that are engaging and that generate real discussions about what God’s Message means for children today.

It’s About Connection

In these challenging times, it is crucial that children have a trusted church home where they feel secure. Somewhere they can go to learn about God's purpose for their life and to connect with other Christian friends. We aim to support leaders with the curriculum while leaving room for them to guide the flow of each service based on the individual needs of their kids.

We love the Lord and we love our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who are serving kids in churches around the world. We hope our materials are a benefit to you as you tend to the children and families in your ministry. May God bless you in your journey for the Lord!