Doors - Elementary

Proverbs 3:5

Have you never heard? Have you never understood? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of all the earth. He never grows weak or weary. No one can measure the depths of his understanding.

The following elements will be provided (Elementary):


Series Highlight for Staff
Supply List
Program Outlines for Leaders
Leader Devotionals
Huddle Group Outlines
Activity Sheets


Keynote Programs
Worship Song
Animated Bible Stories
Worship Videos
Teaching Videos  Skuppet Safari                             Bible Verse Memorization Song

Lesson 1

Samson and Delilah

Judges 16:4–22

I can choose to make the right choice.

Lesson 2

Peter Walks on Water

Matthew 14:22–33

I can choose the door of faith.

 Lesson 3

Jesus Brings Salvation to Zacchaeus' House

Luke 19:1–10

I can choose the door that leads to Jesus.

 Lesson 4

Paul & Silas in Prison

Acts 16:16–40

I can choose the door that leads to faith.

Lesson 5

The Temptation of Jesus

Luke 14:1–13; Matthew 4:1–11

I can choose the door of wisdom.

Lesson 6

Philip and the Ethiopian

Acts 8:26–40

I can choose the door of sharing Jesus.


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Series Overview and Supply Lists – this highlights the parts of the curriculum that are special for this series and gives you some visuals to help understand what’s in the curriculum package. We have also created a shopping list so you can see what you have to gather for the whole series.

Leader Support – including a leader’s guide to be used during the service and devotionals are designed to prepared the leader’s heart before they serve.


(Printable) Teaching Tool – this tool is for teaching the Bible story. For this series, the suggested teaching tool is the Bible Board. Look in the folder to see more instructions about how to make a Bible Board.

Crafts and Coloring pages – each craft and coloring page is custom designed to help reinforce the teaching objective of the day. 

Family Take Home Piece - for this series, a family poster with different prayer activities has been created to help encourage the children and their parents to partake in prayer together.     


Our curriculum is made up of several media elements.  You can choose to download each individual asset or download all of the assets pre-assembled in a Keynote (Mac) or PowerPoint (PC) presentation.  In either case, consider your computer and internet connection before you begin your download process.

  • SLIDES –These help the leader stay on track between videos.
  • COUNTDOWN— this five-minute countdown is used as a way to help the kids transition in the program.
  • WORSHIP— these are the worship songs we’ve selected for the series. For more worship songs you can check out our worship section of the SK Store.
  • ANIMATED BIBLE STORIES— these animations tell the Bible story.
  • PASTOR TEACHING VIDEO – this video will expand upon the teaching point of the day. For the series, the suggested video is “Skuppets at Sea.” The Skuppets, along with Pastor Steve Adams, will help the kids better understand prayer and how to talk to God while they are out on the ocean.
  • BUBBLE TIME VIDEO – this video is a fun and interactive way to get the kids moving during the program by popping some bubbles. The idea is that the kids have to pop the bubbles to reveal the Bible verse.

Or, download the whole media package with just one click:

  • Complete Program – available in Key Note for Mac OR PowerPoint for PC – this compiles the whole program – slides, videos, worship – in one complete package. The slide numbers and program order correspond with the Program Outline for Leaders.
  • Social Media Sharable these are images and videos that you can share on your social media channels to help boost the exposure of your ministry and teaching in your congregation. This is a great way to help parents know what’s going on in the service.

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