Easter Weekend Curriculum | Easter 2020 - Lesson 3 | Early Childhood

Hey-O! Week 3 of our 2020 Easter Curriculum Series is out now! This lesson is intended for Easter Weekend! and covers Jesus' death and ressurection. This video lesson includes a host, worship videos, an animated bible story, and more!

We are excited to be able to equip churches with online friendly content over the next 5 weeks. This curriculum differs from our typical curriculum packages as there are no PowerPoints or Keynotes included. This is an entirely video-based curriculum with supplemental documents like printable activities, at-home craft instructions, and documents that equip parents to teach their children through this lesson.

Please feel free to use our curriculum online for the time being. We know this is a challenging time! Do your best to avoid re-uploading our content to public places like YouTube (unlisted videos are fine though!), but emails, church websites, and Facebook should be fine. Livestreams are great too! We do ask that if you re-upload our content, please have it removed by June 1, 2020.

If you have any questions, contact us at jeffp@saddleback.com

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